Hello! I am Fernando Comet

A UX Engineer, hybrid profile between Front-end development and UX design focused on all steps from research to interaction. Moving on for more than 15 years in the Digital industry. Looking for new opportunities and challenges. Currently I have just completed Web Dev Bootcamp at Ironhack, soy stay on the loop for new projects as I am reaching out to React.

As a UX Designer & Researcher: I studied philosophy so my first approach always comes from this area.I make a lot of research in these areas to understand product, customer and user better. I do a lot of sketching before jumping to UX methodologies. I can work with wireframes, user flows, prototyping, testing, usability and overall experience of the application works for the end-user. I have experience in facilitation and also in teaching, I was Teacher Assistant at UX/UI Bootcamp at Ironhack. I am also a member of the Interaction Design Foundation

Right now, I have just joined Ironhack for the next six months to be a Teacher Assistant at UX/UI Design Part Time Bootcamp in Madrid. Besides my work at Weborama, I have some UX freelance projects.

UX freelance projects

Articles, workshops

Animator & Ad Specialist

I come from the background of Display Advertising where I worked in Digital Agencies first, and then on Adserving as Ad Specialist. For more than 8 years my work was giving technical support to creative and media agencies. This involved production, design, coding, support, trainings and workshops, documentation, creation of new Ad Formats and campaign coordination, giving support for the most known Advertisers and more than 200 agencies in Spain, Europe and Latam markets. I can animate for UX using tools as Principle or After Effects. I am an expert on Adobe AnimateCC, Google Web Designer and can animate also by code using libraries such as Gsap, Velocity, Anime or Pixi. I am using also last trends on svg animation.

Work examples:

And last but not least, I am a Photographer:

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