Hello! I am Fernando Comet

I am a Front End Developer, right now my freelance services are focused on React, Shopify, Wordpress and Webflow among others.

Also I can do other things such as Display Advertising, UX Research, Designing, Writing or work as a Photographer. If you are looking for my previous portfolio it´s available here on the while I will be posting right here some news.

I have just launched Comet Unicorns´ newsletter, you can subscribe or see it online right here. Comet Unicorns is a review and exploration of trends on UX, Design and Technology among others curated by @fernandocomet about all interesting things I see on the web, and believe me, I see a lot.

Right now I´m moving and keep learning new platforms to offer better services to my customers. I have just been certified by Shopify Partner Academy (Business Fundamentals and Theme Development by now). I´m working on an online store integrating dropshipping so I can sell my photos worldwide. Stay tuned! Also I am diving into Wordpress DIVI, Webflow and Airtable among other NoCode tools.

For UX I am writing right now an article for Interaction Design Foundation about their nice courses. You can read also my last research on UX Research portfolios.

I keep posting reviews, labs, experiments and new discoveries at Medium. See my last post just published by UX Planet

You can contact me at: